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Just a short account of our third Dubrovnik day: this morning after breakfast we had a transfer by minibuses to the charming town of Cavtat. By now, the group has grown. Those who have already visited other parts of Croatia with us are at present...


What an amazing weekend! The three of us (a couple visiting Zagreb and me, D, their guide) hit the road and headed for Istria. To tell you the truth, Bill and Judy were slightly uneasy about the snow on the way there... Well, in the end, to get to...


One of our favourite groups decided to go with us to Dubrovnik this last weekend, and we're so glad they did. We have to admit the temperatures weren't very high, so in order to warm up we took the grand walk around the Walls, a mile and a half...




Let's recall that profound curiosity which used to be ours, in the times we all were children. A longing for the unknown... Wasn't it beautiful?

Get to know yourself



One mostly comes to realize important truths of our lives only when taken away from one's routine, when walking through landscapes that are new to one's eyes. The gate is open...

life in colors



A paintbrush does us good.




Some experiences are precious. Touching the magnificence of nature brings us down to earth and makes us humble - open to genuine beauty. Let Kufer imbue your trip with the joy of encountering beauty.




It is true that new places give rise to fresh thoughts, and expanses incite lofty ideas. Widen your world with Kufer!




It all has to be custom-made and tailored to suit your needs, as a perfect suit.

life is a journey



In the end, all the trips you undertake contribute to that unique mosaic which is your, and only your understanding of the world around us. And then you hold your private imagery up against reality




“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float,
To gain all while you give,
To roam the roads of lands remote,
To travel is to live.” 

Hans Christian Andersen