About Croatia…..

Welcome to Croatia! A land whose rich cultural heritage is not discovered only from within the walls of numerous museums, galleries and churches, many of which today, as zero category monuments, are included in a part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, but much more in that magical place on the Mediterranean, where even the shortest stroll becomes a journey down a staircase thousands of years old which takes one through a history that is at the same time turbulent, exciting and glorious…….



The city of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia situated on a geographical, cultural, historical and political crossroad of Eastern and Western Europe, combines the continental and the Mediterranean spirit into something very specific and unique. The advantageous geographical position between the Pannonian Basin, the edge of the Alps and Dinarids enabled the spontaneous emergence of a place of free communication. On the north side the city is protected from the cold northern winds by the mountain Medvednica, and the vast plains and the river Sava open it towards east, south and west. Zagreb is a safe and open metropolis, with a turbulent history and interesting personalities, which invites you to explore it and fulfills the expectations.