One of our favourite groups decided to go with us to Dubrovnik this last weekend, and we're so glad they did. We have to admit the temperatures weren't very high, so in order to warm up we took the grand walk around the Walls, a mile and a half fortress wall encircling the Old Town. On one side was the Old Town with its cobbled streets and tangerine-tiled roofs and on the other the sea stretched as far our eyes could see. It was magical, and every ten feet brought with it an new vantage point. Since the two and a half days we had at our disposal were a time off for this large group of friends, we surely did let them dawdle away their Saturday morning: it took them about two hours to walk the bulwarks!!!, taking their time to snap lots of photos and marvel at the wonder that archaic old town is. After we finished our exercise, we wandered around the streets for an hour before we went to lunch to a charming, time-honoured village in the vicinity of Dubrovnik.

The next day, a renowned historian, who, on the side, works as a guide for our hand-picked groups, acquainted the band with the secrets and the history of Dubrovnik. Well, that made a difference! It all became quirky for the people in the group: Dubrovnik was unveiled - it wasn't anymore only a beautiful ancient town, but a fountain of most peculiar stories and a well of swathes of interesting historical information. Behind the looks, which already are wondrous!, there's that living soul, centuries-old but still engaging. In the evening, going back to Zagreb, our guests were still absorbed in deep contemplation... We looked at them dozing off in the plane. All went well, then!