What an amazing weekend! The three of us (a couple visiting Zagreb and me, D, their guide) hit the road and headed for Istria. To tell you the truth, Bill and Judy were slightly uneasy about the snow on the way there... Well, in the end, to get to Istria from Zagreb, you have to drive through a mountainous area! However, there was no traffic at all on the freeway and the sun waiting for us in the charming hilly region of Istria, with its dazzling town of Bale and the environs of Pula, quickly made up for the initial anxiety.

In Bale, we simply stood floored among the nicest ever mediaeval and Renaissance houses, somehow forgotten in these hills and not at all overwhelmed by crowds of tourists as it is the case in neighbouring Italy. To document, neither Bill nor Judy have ever before been much of history or architecture lovers, but these sights changed them: by the end of the trip, we will have already done a thorough recap of European history and handed them a long list of books they all of a sudden wanted - or needed - to read!
In the immediate vicinity of the city of Pula, which in its turn preserves an ancient Roman amphitheatre!, I took our friends to a beautiful coastal trail of Verudela to soak in a bit of fresh sea air. The views of the luminous sea were just perfect, invigorated us and so we walked a good mile through an area mostly overgrown with gorgeous Mediterranean vegetation, a true discovery for the Vermont couple:)
The following morning we deliberately went after magic, enchantment and charm! The content of this day was a steady stream of fascination for all of us, No matter how many times I go to Rovinj, the spell is always too strong. Telling the trekking story of the second part of that day could take ages, so I'll save the details and invite all of you who read us to check out some photos of Rovinj and the area around Moscenicka Draga, just to feel what a glorious Kufer experience we had!